New Clients

What happens in the free introductory meeting?

The free introductory meeting is not a therapy session. It is a chance to meet, ask questions, and put faces to names. An opportunity for both you and me to see how we get on together. This is a meeting where I get an initial idea of the issues or issue that has prompted you to seek counselling. Often, the free introductory meeting gives me an idea whether a course of paid therapy sessions with me could help you. The free introductory meeting lasts for about 30 minutes with the understanding that we would only progress to paid for therapy sessions by mutual agreement after taking a day or two to reflect on whether we would like to work together.

Would you contact my GP?

Usually, I will not need to contact your GP. However, there are certain circumstances in which I would be ethically obliged to do so. If I thought it best to be in contact with your GP I would usually discuss this with you first.

Can I try a few sessions before I decide whether I want a long term commitment?

Yes, after the free introductory meeting, if we agree to work together, our initial contract will usually be for 6 or 10 paid sessions. These sessions are our mutual assessment period at the end of which we have a review and see whether counselling sessions with me are likely to be beneficial to you. If we both agree in the affirmative then we will contract for more sessions or period of time.

How often do I attend sessions?

Sessions are offered weekly, on the same day and at the same time. That means that we meet for one session a week. If required I am also able to offer sessions twice a week.

In my practice, I have seen that counselling is most effective when it takes place regularly.

Longer gaps between sessions can reduce the therapeutic effectiveness of the counselling process. The reason being that counselling is an ongoing process which involves working on the self, it needs continuity and becomes difficult to achieve if sessions are infrequent.

It is important for you as a client to think about whether you can commit to weekly counselling sessions. It will involve taking yourself seriously and therefore prioritizing your needs. This maybe challenging if you are not used to getting your needs met or do not have space for yourself.

Do I pay if I miss a session?

I charge for missed sessions unless I receive 48 hours’ notice. This is because your session time is reserved solely for your use and I do not offer it out to another client if you cancel your session. The cancellation fee effectively holds your space for you. In the event that your plans change and you can attend your session after all, I will still be able to see you.

Cancellation of less than 48 hours’ notice will incur the full cost of the session.
Failure to attend a session without notifying me will incur the full cost of the session.

If I need to cancel a session with you, no charges will be incurred.